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Patreon Alerts/Intel Updates Geopolitical intel, news, and alerts platform. The highest tier contains more intel than any of the other platforms. Contains all geopolitical-related content, but may not contain some non-geopolitical related content posted in The Standeford Journal. You can subscribe to our Patreon if you have payment issues with The Standeford Journal platform or want access to more intel than what is provided here.

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The Standeford Journal News/Intel Alerts

Why Pay For A Subscription?

Paid subscribers have access to much more news, intel, and information than free subscribers do.

We also believe news and intel should be about information, not indoctrination. It’s not our job to tell readers what to think, we believe each person should be able to decide that on their own. As such, we give straight news and intel.

Independent News And Intel

The alerts, intel and news found on our platforms are completely independent of any government, political, or any other third-party agencies. This means any information we put out there is free from being controlled by third parties. Read on to see how we evaluate our information:

Owner Donald Standeford: “While I try to put important information out there for free, I spend nearly every waking hour researching, monitoring, and writing. This is a full-time job for me, and what I do, and the value you receive is worth a few bucks subscription fee.

I'm an American traveler living in a small tribal village. When I first started doing this I was making often less than a dollar a day and could barely afford rice for my wife and son with ad revenue from my alerts website. I’ve come a long way since then and am now running The Standeford Journal where most of my alerts are also posted, along with more in-depth news and intel than are posted on my alerts website.

Thanks to your support, I’ve been able to put food on the table and set up a few solar panels so that I can work through the daily power outages here.

It’s been a difficult journey to get here, and I attribute any success I have to Jesus Christ and my wonderful family here whom I love dearly.

For those who support my work: Thank you, from both me and my family. For those thinking about it: I’d be grateful, and I humbly submit that the information and alerts that you receive in return are well worth it, but that is something you can decide for yourselves.

We give straight and accurate professional-grade threat alerts, world news, and intelligence updates without the fluff, or exaggeration.

Who We Are, And What We Are About

Although I do a good job getting information out quickly, I value quality over quantity. I do not post meaningless fillers, or try to appease the microwave generation mentality by posting out fast inaccurate, or incomplete information just to get alerts out.

Often I will spend a great deal of time researching a matter to get a more complete picture. Rest assured, I will get information out quickly if the matter in question is urgent. You are subscribing to quality service, not ambiguous one or two-sentence updates with questionable accuracy as is often seen for free on social media.

Bottom line: I don’t post fluff just to fill the void. If you don’t see a lot of alerts or news, it’s probably because not a lot is going on, or I am looking deeply into a developing situation.

There will also be times when alerts will be very frequent when there is a lot going on, at which times I work overtime to get alerts out as quickly as possible while still maintaining accuracy to the best of my ability.

News and intel tend to be slower on weekends and holidays due to the fact that most organizations and businesses are closed on those days. Expect updates to be the slowest during these times and peak during the weekdays.

This may not be the case, however, if something big happens during these times it would in turn increase update frequency. Weekdays can also see slow times when not much is going on, so keep that in mind as well.

Regardless, I am on the watch, researching and gathering information.

Vetting Information

The information posted in my articles is carefully cross-referenced and vetted for accuracy. No news agency in the world can claim to have attained perfection, however. If you see anything inaccurate in any of my reports, please contact me immediately and it will be further looked into. Integrity is very important to me.

Time Zone

Articles are based on the UTC time zone. Screenshots taken by me are Asian time zone GMT +8 hours (well ahead of North America) due to the fact that I am currently located in Asia.

Suggestions Or Questions

If you have questions, or suggestions such as news or regions to cover, feel free to message me and I will consider refocusing my attention depending on the information.

Added Information To Articles Already Written

Articles may be added to after being initially written without notification being sent out, so if you want to stay up to date make sure to refresh articles you're interested in if you want to see if there is new information posted.

Receiving Too Many Emails?

What if I am receiving too many emails? If you are receiving too many emails, you can either turn off email notifications or unsubscribe from email notifications or newsletters. Remember, you can always check the news and alerts manually by visiting the platforms. Make sure to bookmark them!

If you are a Patreon member, you can also either turn off email alerts from the platform or join one of our other platforms for fewer email alerts and just check the alerts/intel/news manually.

Receiving Too Few Emails?

If you would like to receive more email alerts, consider joining our Patreon which sends an email alert for every alert, news, or intel piece posted. Remember, as a Patreon subscriber you have the option to turn on or off email alerts.

What Is Loaded Language?

Loaded language is the usage of "emotive" language which is used to target the reader’s emotions and create a strong emotional response. It is heavily used in psych-ops (psychological operations) tactics in order to alter a person's perception of reality toward a specific end or goal.

I do not believe loaded language should be used to target the reader’s emotions. I believe when it comes to news, every person should be left to decide for themselves what to believe without being coerced or manipulated.

My job is to get accurate information and reports out to the reader, that's it.

That said, we are all human. I do my best to uphold my own reporting standard, and no journalist or news agency is above, nor should they be above accountability.

Although I try to keep propaganda out of my reports the best I can, there will be some reports that include it (such as the Ministry of Defense statements from various countries, statements from various politicians or public figures, etc.).

Usually, if I post statements that contain these things, it is because it has some redeeming qualities (such as containing intel, important context, or information).

In these cases, I trust my readers have enough discernment to understand how to see the propaganda for what it is.

The Kind Of Articles To Expect

You will see a mix of hand-written articles by me, and intel collected from various locations, including government sources, such as Ministry of Defense statements from countries around the world.

My aim is to create a space where subscribers can go to get a telescopic geopolitical understanding of what’s going on around the world, and why, including current conflicts. You will also see other topics, such as space, science and technology, health, archeology, and more.

News Articles | Alerts And Intel

The Standeford Journal platform is for reading our released news. The platform is for polished news articles, as opposed to quickly released intel and alerts. Not all intel and alerts are posted on this platform. For intel and alerts visit: Patreon News, Alerts, and Intel (Run by Donald Standeford).

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Straight News, Alerts, And Intel, Without The Manipulative Agendas And Fluff. Founder of The Standeford Journal, I'm an American independent investigative journalist, intelligence analyst, and world traveler.