Sitemap - 2023 - The Standeford Journal

South Korea Arrests 23 Chinese Citizens Attempting To Enter Country Illegally

Syria: Two Soldiers Injured As A Result Of Israeli Strike In Deir ez-Zor

Oversight Committee Probe Reports of Chinese Espionage Efforts Targeting U.S. Military Bases, Addresses Risk Of Terrorists Crossing Border

Azerbaijan: Army Positions Under Fire, Armenia Reports Casualties, Refugees Flee Nagorno-Karabakh

Turkey Carries Out Air Raid In Iraq After PKK Suicide Attack In Ankara

US Warns Serbia To Pull Back Forces From Border With Kosovo, Serbia Says It Does Not Want To Invade

Chinese Military Aircraft & PLAN Vessels Spotted Around Taiwan September 30th, 2023

Kosovo Statement: Regarding Movement Of Serbian Military Units Toward The Border With Kosovo

CENTCOM: Helicopter Raid Carried Out In Northern Syria Captures ISIS Official

Chinese Fishing Vessel Collides With Taiwanese Patrol Boat Attempting Escape, Gets Captured By Taiwan's Coast Guard

US Navy Conducts Scheduled Unarmed Trident II Missile Test From Submarine

Released From North Korea, U.S. Soldier Now in Texas, Will Be Debriefed

No U.S. Injuries After Iranian Patrol Craft Shone Laser At U.S. Attack Helicopter

Taiwan Unveils First "Domestically Produced Submarine"

Chinese Military Aircraft & PLAN Vessels Spotted Around Taiwan September 28th, 2023

DOD: Key Official Says Shutdown Would Damage National Defense

American Soldier Returned To US Custody After Crossing Into North Korea

STRATCOM Introduces Robot Dogs To Barksdale, Louisiana

Three Bahraini Soldiers Killed In Houthi Drone Attack

Iran Reports Successful Imaging Satellite Launch

Chinese Military Aircraft & PLAN Vessels Spotted Around Taiwan September 27th, 2023

Oversight Committee: Wires from China Have Joe Biden’s Wilmington Home as the Beneficiary Address

Southern Border Update - Last 7 Days Of Major Activity

Israel Attacking Hamas In Gaza Strip With Unmanned Aircraft, Helicopter, Tank

Philippines Condemns & Removes Chinese "Floating Barrier" At Scarborough Shoal

CBP: U.S. - Mexico Meeting on Joint Actions to Further Enhance Border Security

Helicopter Raid in Northern Syria Targets ISIS Official

Texas Governor Renews Border Disaster Declaration Amid "Historic Influx"

IDF Reports Attacking Hamas Terrorist Organization Position In Gaza

NATO: Italy Executed First Scramble Out Of Poland Intercepting Russian Aircraft

Japan: Defense of Japan China-Russia Coordination, Japan on North Korea

Taiwan Reports Chinese Military Activity At Dacheng Bay

Russian Foreign Minister Says West Directly Fighting Russia

FAA: Some Departing Flights Being Held In NY Due To High Winds From Ophelia

Coast Guard Rescues 5 From Sailing Vessel During Tropical Storm Ophelia - Storm Projections

Coast Guard Sets Port Condition Zulu For Virginia Ports In Anticipation Of Tropical Storm Ophelia

Taiwan Calls China's Military Activities Recently "Quite Abnormal"

Israel Carries Out Strikes On Hamas Terrorist Organization In Gaza Strip

DoD Announces $325 Million In Security Assistance For Ukraine

US Deploys Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs) To Japan For The First Time

Chinese Military Aircraft & PLAN Vessels Spotted Around Taiwan September 22nd, 2023

U.S. Africa Command, Côte d’Ivoire Armed Forces host the West Africa Logistics Conference in Abidjan

Chinese Military Aircraft & PLAN Vessels Spotted Around Taiwan September 21st, 2023

South Korean President: North Korea And Russian Arms Deal Would Be "Direct Provocation"

U.S. Strengthening Deterrence in Taiwan Strait

Small Arms Fire Near US Embassy In Lebanon

Homeland Security Investigations announces Strategy for Combatting Illicit Opioids

DOD Names 8 Locations to Serve as New 'Microelectronics Commons' Hubs

Readout of President Joe Biden’s Meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel

Kremlin: Telephone Conversation Between Russian President And Armenian Prime Minister

City Of Eagle Pass, Texas Issues Emergency Declaration Over Illegal Immigrant Surge

Chinese Military Aircraft & PLAN Vessels Spotted Around Taiwan September 20th, 2023

Ceasefire Reached In Azerbaijan After "Anti-Terrorist Operation" On Separatist Armenian Forces

Conclusion of Exercise BRIGHT STAR 2023 in Egypt

Army leaders gather at Fort Moore’s Maneuver Warfighter Conference

Japan Reports Chinese Naval Activity Around Islands, Says China/Taiwan Military Balance Tilting In China's Favor

Chinese Military Aircraft & PLAN Vessels Spotted Around Taiwan September 19th, 2023

FBI Director Wray's Remarks at the Mandiant/mWISE 2023 Cybersecurity Conference

Department of Defense Releases Space Policy Review and Strategy on Protection of Satellites

Russia: Pro-American Coalition MQ-9 Drone Dangerously Approached A Russian Su-35 Aircraft In Syria

US Foreign Military Sales To Canada, Poland, Korea Totaling $5.7 Billion

DoD: Innovation Will Help Shape Future of Military Logistics

CISA Open Source Software Security Roadmap

Chinese Military Aircraft & PLAN Vessels Spotted Around Taiwan September 18th, 2023

IAEA: Iran Has Removed A Third Of The Inspectors Designated For Iran

DOD Exercises Option on Second Micro Nuclear Reactor Design

46 Illegal Aliens Considered Threat To National Security Arrested During Nationwide Operation

Russian Aircraft & Chinese Naval Forces Navigating Around Japanese Islands

Chinese Military Aircraft & PLAN Vessels Spotted Around Taiwan September 16th, 2023

Hurricane Lee Update - September 16th, 2023

U.S. and Saudi Arabia Conduct Combined Counter-UAS Exercise

Finland And Sweden Joint Exercises In The Baltic Sea

Department of Defense 2023 Cyber Strategy

Chinese Military Aircraft & PLAN Vessels Spotted Around Taiwan September 15th, 2023

NORAD Detects Russian Aircraft Operating In The Alaska Air Defense Identification Zone

NATO Surveillance Drone Conducts First Mission Over Finland

Hurricane Lee Update For September 14th, 2023

Japan: China Pressing Ahead With Rapid Land Reclamation, Intensifying Military Activities Around Japan

Chinese Military Aircraft & PLAN Vessels Spotted Around Taiwan September 14th, 2023

US Department of State Daily Press Briefing - September 13, 2023

Syria Reports Two Soldiers Killed, Six Injured As A Result Of Attacks In Tartous And Hama

Super Garuda Shield: U.S., Partners Train in Indo-Pacific

North Korea Fires Two Short-Range Missiles Toward East Sea

Chinese Military Aircraft & PLAN Vessels Spotted Around Taiwan September 13th, 2023

US Department Of State Press Briefing – September 12, 2023

Over 5,000 Presumed Dead, At Least 10,000 Missing After Floods In Libya

Hurricane Lee Update - September 11th/12th 2023

Chinese Military Aircraft & PLAN Vessels Spotted Around Taiwan September 12th, 2023

US State Department Press Briefing – September 11, 2023

US Military Sales To Poland And Bulgaria Totaling $5.5 Billion

US Waives Sanctions On Iran, Gives $6 Billion In Frozen Funds In Exchange For Prisoner Swap

North America Hurricane Status For September 11th, 2023

US House Of Representatives: PRC (Chinese) Theft Of U.S. Thermonuclear Warhead Design Information

Chinese Military Aircraft & PLAN Vessels Spotted Around Taiwan September 11th, 2023

Six New Members To Join BRICS, Move Towards Establishing A Single Currency

32 Illegal Immigrant Criminals, 10 Human Traffickers Arrested During Nationwide Operation

Over 2,000 Dead And Rising Due To 6.8 Earthquake In Morocco

FAA Closes SpaceX Starship Mishap Investigation

North Korea Introduces New "Tactical Nuclear Submarine"

US Coast Guard At Condition X-Ray Due To Hurricane Lee: Today's Updates

Philippines: Four Chinese Coast Guard Vessels Carried Out "Dangerous Maneuvers" Around Philippine PCG Vessels And Resupply Boats

US Moving US Forces Based In Niger Out Of Capital As "Precautionary Measure"

Japan Spots Russian Navy Surveillance Boat Around Japanese Islands, Holds Japan/US Talks

Russia Responds To US Decision To Send Depleted Uranium Shells To Ukraine

Biden Administration Announces $600 Million In Additional Security Assistance for Ukraine

Hurricane Lee And Jova Updates: September 7th, 2023

ERO Arrests 48 Illegal Immigrants & Foreign Criminals During Recent National Operation

Coast Guard sets Port Condition WHISKEY for seaports in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands due to Hurricane Lee

DOD: AUKUS Partnership Strengthens Indo-Pacific Security, Seeing Successes In Indo-Pacific Strategy

DoD: $175 Million In Additional Security Assistance for Ukraine, Including Depleted Uranium Rounds

Air Force Tests Minuteman III ICBM With 3 Re-entry Vehicles

Officials: Chinese Citizens Intrude On US Military Bases Up To 100 Times

Russia: Return Of US Nuclear Weapons In Britain Is An Escalation

IAEA: No Mines Or Explosives Found On ZNPP Unit 3 And 4 Reactor Building Rooftops

Ukraine Claims Russian Drones Detonated In Romania. Romania Denies Claim

US Military May Build Port On Philippine Island Close To Taiwan

NGA, NRO, USSPACECOM Plan For Threats To Commercial Satellites

North Korea Conducts "Simulated Tactical Nuclear Attack" To Warn "Enemies"

Maui Wildfire Updates - September 3rd, 2023

Typhoon Haikui (Hanna) Approaches Taiwan

Defense Department: 400 Troops On US Southern Border Extended

North Korea Fires Cruise Missiles Into Yellow Sea

Belarus Claims Poland Violated Border With Helicopter, Poland Denies Claim

$1.5 Billion Foreign Military Sale To Bulgaria – Stryker Vehicles

Russia: Sarmat "Satan II" MERV Equipped ICBM Put On Combat Duty

USSCOCOM Awards Contract To Deploy AI Tool To Detect Disinformation Threats

Hurricane Idalia Situation Reports - August 31st, 2023

North Korea Stages Tactical Nuclear Strike Drill In Response To Joint US/South Korea B-1B Bomber Drills

Hurricane Idalia & Coast Guard Updates: August 31st, 2023

Florida Extreme Wind Warnings From Tornado And Hurricane

Hurricane Idalia Update - August 30th, 2023

Chinese Military Aircraft & PLAN Vessels Spotted Around Taiwan August 30th, 2023

Biden Administration Announces $250 Million In Additional Security Assistance for Ukraine

Idalia Forecasted To Hit Florida As Category 4 Hurricane Upon Landfall

Russia Reports Fixed Wing Drone Intercepted Above Moscow

Russia: Swarm Of Drones Attacked Pskov Airport Near Estonian Border

Idalia Strengthens Into Hurricane As It Heads Toward Western Florida

Global Wildfire Update: North American Wildfire Smoke Reaching Europe

Coast Guard establishes Area Command Post ahead of Tropical Storm Idalia, Storm Projections

Chinese Military Aircraft & PLAN Vessels Spotted Around Taiwan August 29th, 2023

Florida SOCCENT Air Force Base Declares HURCON 3 Zone A Evac

Coast Guard urges preparedness ahead of Hurricane Idalia

Japan Reports Russian And Chinese Military Aircraft And Naval Activity Around Japanese Islands, And Taiwan

Syria Reports Israeli Strike Damaging Aleppo Airport Runway

Japanese Statement On Results Of Sea Area Monitoring Of ALPS-Treated Water

FEMA and FCC Plan Nationwide Emergency Alert Test for Oct. 4, 2023

Tropical Storm Isalia Expected To Hit Florida As Hurricane - Storm Projections

Chinese Military Aircraft & PLAN Vessels Spotted Around Taiwan August 28th, 2023

FDACS Identifies Potential Fuel Contamination at the Port of Tampa In Florida

US Airstrike Kills 13 al Shabaab Fighters In Somalia

3 Marines Killed, 20 Injured In Osprey Tiltrotor Aircraft Crash. UPDATE - Names Released

Unarmed Minuteman III Test Launch To Showcase Readiness Of US Nuclear Forces

County of Maui Wildfire Disaster Update

DoD Marks Two Years Since the Attack at Abbey Gate, Kabul Afghanistan

Powell On Inflation: Progress and the Path Ahead

China Responds To US Approval Of F-16 IRST Systems To Taiwan

Chinese Military Aircraft & PLAN Vessels Spotted Around Taiwan August 26th, 2023

CBP Seize Over $910K In Cocaine, Ice Removes Fugitive Wanted For Homicide In Mexico, Non-citizen Wanted For Rape Of Minor In Ecuador

DoD: Pentagon Tackling Nuclear Modernization With Proactive, Integrated Approach

Hawaii Wildfire Disaster Update - August 25th, 2023

Japan Reports Chinese Reconnaissance Drone East Of Taiwan, In Response Scrambled Fighters

Japan Reports Russian Naval Vessel Sailing Around Japanese Islands

Video: Chandrayaan-3 Rover Driving Onto The Moon

Japan: Two Chinese H-6 bombers Flew Between Okinawa And Miyako Island. Japan Scrambles Fighters

Chinese Military Aircraft & PLAN Vessels Spotted Around Taiwan August 25th, 2023

U.S. Will Train Ukrainian F-16 Pilots, Ground Crews, DoD Holds Press Briefing

Japan Begins Dumping Treated Radioactive Water Into Pacific Ocean

G7 Foreign Ministers’ Statement On the Launch Using Ballistic Missile Technology by North Korea

DoD: Prigozhin Assessed To Have Died In The Plane Crash Yesterday

USINDOPACOM Statement on North Korean Ballistic Missile Launch

India Successfully Lands On Moon Near South Pole

Japan: Information Related To North Korean Missiles

North Korea Launches "Space Launch Vehicle" In Second Attempt To Launch Satellite, Ends In Failure

Pentagon Official Calls for Total Force Focus on Emerging Biothreats

Russia: Wagner Leader Dies After Passenger Plane Crashes

China Says It Restricted Philippine Vessels From "Trespassing" Into Philippine Occupied Territory

Philippines: Chinese Coast Guard Blocked, Harassed And Interfered With Philippine Supply Vessels

Hawaii Wildfire Updates: Death Toll Rises To 115, Over 1,000 Still Missing

Taiwan: No Evidence Of Chinese Submarine Crash Near Taiwan Strait

United States Renews Do Not Travel Alert For Ukraine

Iran Claims New Mohajer-10 Has Enough Range To Reach Israel

Japan Reports Russian Naval Vessels Around Japanese Islands

Japan Set To Discharge ALPS Treated Fukushima Nuclear Waste Into Sea

Chinese Military Aircraft & PLAN Vessels Spotted Around Taiwan August 22nd, 2023

North Korea: Nuclear War Is Approaching The Korean Peninsula Citing Previous Warnings

DoD: U.S. Open to Training Ukrainian F-16 Pilots if Needed, Hawaii Update

Japan: North Korea To Launch Satellite

Foreign Military Sale To Poland – AH-64E Apache Helicopters

US Issues Travel Alert To Belarus. Moscow: Attack On Belarus Is Attack On Russia

Global Wildfire Locations For Last 24 Hours - August 21st, 2023

Security Alert – U.S. Embassy Minsk, Belarus - August 21, 2023

North Korea Tests Cruise Missiles, US-ROK Carry Out Joint Exercises

Tropical Storm Hilary Update - August 20th, 2023

Current North America & California Wildfires - August 20th, 2023

Iron Dome Intercepts Unmanned Drone Flying Toward Israel

Russia's Luna-25 Crashes Into Moon

China Continues Military Exercises Around The Island Of Taiwan, Sends 45 Aircraft & 9 Vessels

Niger's New Military Leader: Any Attack On Country Will Not Be "Walk In The Park"

CBP Southern Border Statistics: July 2023

China Conducts Military Exercises Around Taiwan As "Stern Warning" For "Provocations"

North America Fire And Air Quality Maps August 19th, 2023

DOD, FEMA Fully Engaged in Maui Recovery and Assistance Efforts

Japan, South Korea, U.S. Strengthen Trilateral Cooperation

DOD and Japanese MOD Commencement of Glide Phase Interceptor (GPI) Cooperative Development.

Security Alert – U. S. Embassy Nicosia, Cyprus (August 18, 2023)

Saudi Arabia Discusses Reviving Bilateral Cooperation With Iran, US, UK

US Carries Out Airstrike In Cali Helle, Somalia

Hawaii Wildfires: 111 Dead, Around 1,300 Still Missing

DOD Personnel Working With Hawaii, FEMA Officials to Speed Relief to Maui

US Approves Sending F-16 Fighter Jets To Ukraine

Air Force: JetZero To Develop Blended Wing Body Aircraft Prototype

DOD Unveils Collaborative Bio-defense Reforms in Posture Review

DoD: General Says Deterring Two 'Near Peer' Competitors Is Complex

Canadian Wildfire Map - August 17th, 2023

Iraqi F-16 Fighter Jets Target Suspected ISIS Combatants Second Day In A Row

DoD: Tech Official Says Manufacturing Advances Are Key to National Security

US Approves Arrow 3 Defense System To Germany

Japan Reports Chinese And Russian Military Vessels Around Its Islands

California Wildfire Incidents: August, 2023

Current Active Wildfires: United States & Globally

6.5 Magnitude Earthquake Hits 26 Miles West Of Sola, Vanuatu

Cyber Criminals Targeting Victims through Mobile Beta-Testing Applications

Operation Noble Defender To Take Place From August 15 To September 10

Biden Administration’s Response To The Maui Wildfires, Fact Sheet

Prototype Telescope Now Fully Operational Aboard The International Space Station

North America Fire And Smoke Map - August 15th, 2023

Milestone In Power Grid Optimization On World’s First Exascale Supercomputer

DoD: Pentagon Announces $200M in Security Assistance for Ukraine

Chinese Military Aircraft & PLAN Vessels Spotted Around Taiwan August 15th, 2023

Biden Administration Announces Additional Security Assistance for Ukraine

British RAF Typhoon jets intercept Russian bombers flying north of Scotland

NORAD detects Russian aircraft operating in Alaska Air Defense Identification Zone

USGS: NASA Image Mosaic and Topographic Map of the Moon

Japan: Chinese Naval, Air Forces Expanding And Intensifying Activities Around Japan

Russia Says Its Patrol Ship Fired Warning Shots At Palau Cargo Ship

UKMTO Issues "Increased Threat" Advisory For Strait Of Hormuz

US Military May Put "Armed Personnel" On Commercial Ships In Strait Of Hormuz In Response To Iranian Seizures

Death Toll From Hawaii Wildfires Reach 99, "Worst Natural Disaster Hawaii Has Ever Faced"

Poland Deploys Water Cannons To Border After Attack By Group Of 40 Foreigners

Poland: Stationing Troops On Border With Belarus Not A Hostile Action, But Deterrence

Death Toll In Maui Wildfires Reaches 67, Expected To Continue Rising

Coast Guard, Partners Expand Response Efforts For Maui Fires

Ukraine's Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant's Reactor 4 Switched From Hot Shutdown To Cold After Water Leak Detected

International Space Race To Moon's South Pole Begins

DOD Announces Establishment Of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Task Force

DOD/Coast Guard: National Guard Takes On Maui Wildfires Leaving Over 53 Dead

Poland To Send Up To 10,000 Soldiers To Belarusian Border

U.S. Space Command And NASA Successfully Complete Underway Recovery Test-10

Coast Guard, Partners Continue Mass Rescue Operations from Maui Fires

Russia Reports Shooting Down Two Military Drones Targeting Moscow

Chinese Military Aircraft & PLAN Vessels Spotted Around Taiwan August 10th, 2023

Likely Carcinogen Found At US Missile Base After Military Investigates Blood Cancer Cases In Base Personnel

China "Urges" Philippines To Tow Away Grounded Warship, Philippines Says Region Is Within Its EEZ

Mexico & Canada Replace China As Leading US Trade Partners

3,000 Sailors and Marines Arrive in Middle East aboard USS Bataan, USS Carter Hall

CENTCOM Commander Conducts Strait of Hormuz Transit and Visits United Arab Emirates and Bahrain

Chinese Foreign Ministry Remarks On Water Cannon Incident On Philippine Vessels

Philippine Department Of Foreign Affairs Statement On China's Use Of Water Cannon On Philippine Vessels

USAF/NOAA: High Solar Activity Past 24 Hours, Solar Cycle 25 Ramped Up Faster Than Predicted

Space Weather Conditions: Strong (G3) Geomagnetic Storms Observed

Chinese Military Aircraft & PLAN Vessels Spotted Around Taiwan August 7th, 2023

Philippine Coast Guard Releases Video Of Chinese Coast Guard Using Water Cannon On Vessel

Syria Reports Four Syrian Soldiers Dead After "Israeli Airstrike" In Damascus

India, Russia Ban Rice Exports Raising Risk Of Global Food Price Increase

China Says They Shot Water Cannon At Philippine Vessels To Drive Them Away

Chinese Military Aircraft & PLAN Vessels Spotted Around Taiwan August 6th, 2023

Philippines: Chinese Coast Guard Water Cannons Philippine Chartered Supply Boat

Cyberattack Hits Medical Facilities In Multiple US States

Lithuania Strips Over 1,000 Russian/Belarusian Citizens Of Lithuanian Residency

Chinese Military Aircraft & PLAN Vessels Spotted Around Taiwan July 31st, 2023

AI successfully pilots XQ-58 aircraft at Eglin Air Force Base

Niger: Travel Advisory Raised to Level 4 – Do Not Travel

Ordered Departure of Non-Emergency U.S. Government Personnel from U.S. Embassy Niamey, Niger

Expeditionary Strike Group Readies Marines to Land in Australia

White House Responds To Poland's Claim That Wagner Forces Arrived At The Suwalki Gap

Poland Expanding Training And Exercise Base For Its Armed Forces

Polish Ministry of Defense Regarding Situation At Poland's Border With Belarus

DARPA: Teams Selected to Teach AI Agents to Interact with People & Learn

Poland: Wagner Soldiers Moving Close To Polish Border, Suwałki Gap

Biden Authorizes $345 Million In Assistance To Taiwan

Russia: US Coalition MQ-9 UAV "Dangerously Approached" Russian Su-34 Military Aircraft

DARPA Kicks Off Design, Fabrication for DRACO Experimental NTR Vehicle

CENTCOM Commander Visits Israel And Egypt

CENTCOM: Multinational Task Force Completes Exercise in P-8 Flight over Arabian Gulf

Feds Raise Interest Rate By Another Quarter Percent, Highest In 22 Years

North Korea Using Social Engineering to Enable Hacking of Think Tanks, Academia, and Media

Biden Administration Announces Additional $400 Million In Security Assistance for Ukraine

Russian Aircraft Harasses & Releases Flares, Severely Damaging US MQ-9 Propeller

Chinese Military Aircraft & PLAN Vessels Spotted Around Taiwan July 25th, 2023

IAEA Observes Mines At Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant Site

North Korea Launches Two Short-Range Ballistic Missiles Into Eastern Sea

Russia: Ukrainian Drone Attack On Moscow "International Terrorism"

China To Japan: NATO's Plan To Expand To Asia Violates UN Rules

North Korea Fires Cruise Missiles Into Yellow Sea, After Saying US Nuclear Submarine Could Be Reason To Use Nuclear Weapons

US Increases Forces In The Middle East Due To Attempts By Iran To Seize Commercial Vessels

US Carries Out Airstrike In Somalia, Africa Against al-Shabaab Terrorists

Biden Administration Announces Additional $1.3 Billion In Security Assistance for Ukraine

North Korea Fires Two Short-Range Ballistic Missiles Into East Sea

Air Quality Update For North America - July 18th,19th, 2023

NASA’s Starling Mission Deployed Swarm Of CubeSats Satellites Into Low Earth Orbit

Britain Rejects Russia's Claims It Was Involved In Attack On Kerch Strait Bridge

South Korea, US, Japan Hold Joint Missile Defense Exercise

China Plans To Build Massive Remote-Sensing Satellite Network Before 2030

UN Claims North Korean Missile Landed In Russian EEZ, Russia Investigates Crash Site

US Sending F-16s To Gulf Region To Protect Vessels From Iranian Seizures

Explosion At Uranium Plant In Russia

US P-8 Flies Over Taiwan Strait, China Responds

Biden Mobilizing 3,000 Reserve Soldiers To Europe

Russia Says It Will Treat F-16s To Ukraine As Nuclear Threat

DOD: Biden Speaks on Ukraine's Future With NATO in Vilnius

North Korea Says It Test-Fired Hwasong-18 Solid-Fuel ICBM

NATO leaders, President Zelensky meet for first NATO-Ukraine Council

NATO: Secretary General concludes historic NATO Summit in Vilnius

North Korea Launches Ballistic Missile Toward East Sea

DoD: Leaders Agree to Expedite Ukraine's NATO Membership

NATO: New Defense Plans Will Put Up To 300,000 Troops At High Readiness

NATO: Vilnius Summit Communiqué

Canada: Statement on a joint coalition on F-16 training of the Ukrainian Air Force

NATO Puts 300,000 Troops On High Readiness

Cuba Says American Nuclear Submarine In Guantanamo Bay A "Provocative Escalation"

DOD Says It Destroyed Last Chemical Weapons in Arsenal

The FBI's Collaboration With A compromised Ukrainian Intelligence Agency To Censor American Speech

U.S. Air Force and Israel partner to enhance operational capabilities

Erdogan Will Back Sweden Joining NATO If Talks Resume For Turkey To Join EU

U.S. Forces provide airstrike assistance to Somalia National Army

U.S. Airstrike Targets ISIS Leader in Eastern Syria

Russia Responds To US Decision To Send Cluster Munitions To Ukraine

Philippine Armed Forces Reports 48 Chinese Vessels "Swarming" In Its EEZ

NATO Chief Details Plans for Summit To Discuss Ukraine's Membership In NATO

Ryder Says U.S. Counter-ISIS Mission Undeterred by Russia's Unprofessional Behavior Over Syria

US Completes Chemical Weapons Stockpile Destruction Operations

Oversight Committee Investigates Cocaine Found In White House

Biden Administration Announces $800 Million In Additional Security Assistance for Ukraine

IAEA Says No Evidence Nuclear Power Plant In Ukraine Has Been Mined With Explosives

U.S. Prevents Iran from Seizing Two Merchant Tankers in Gulf of Oman

Think Tank Says North Korea Could Use Nuclear Weapons Under Certain Situations

Poland Ready To Join NATO's Nuclear Sharing Program In Light Of Russian Nukes In Belarus

CIA Director Makes Secret Visit To Ukraine, US Considers Supplying Ukraine With Cluster Munitions

Conflict Over Taiwan Would Severely Impact SE Asian Countries

China: PLA Activities To Become Closer To The Island, More Frequent, More Combat Oriented

Taiwan Reports 2 Russian Warships Approaching Island From South To North

Biden Administration Announces Additional Security Assistance for Ukraine

Russian Criminal Case On Armed Wagner Rebellion Dismissed

Russian President Vladimir Putin's Address To Citizens of Russia

Wagner Chief Posts Voice Recording Explaining Actions

IDF Says Its Drone Fell In Lebanese Territory, Hezbollah Claims It Shot It Down

Russian FSB's Criminal Case Against Wagner Leader Still Open Despite Agreement Being Reached

US Coast Guard Investigates Loss Of Titan Submersible

Putin: Attempted Armed Rebellion By Head Of The Wagner Mercenary Group

American Bombers In Sweden For First Time In Modern History

US Coast Guard Cutter Navigates Taiwan Strait, 29 Chinese Military Aircraft, 10 PLAN Vessels Spotted Around Taiwan

US Coast Guard: Unified Command established for missing submersible from Polar Prince

Department Of Defense Assists Coast Guard in Missing Submersible Search

Pentagon Says It Overestimated Value Of Equipment Sent To Ukraine By $6.2 Billion

Russia: Nukes In Belarus "Indefinitely" Unless US Removes Its Nuclear Weapons From Europe

IDF Documentation from a Go-Pro camera from the operation in Jenin

US Air Force Staff Sergeant Found Dead At Roosevelt Lake In Arizona

5 Palestinians Killed, 45 Wounded During IDF Retaliatory Attack On Gunmen In Jenin

Swedish Defense Ministry: Russia Attack On Sweden Cannot Be Ruled Out

Active Shooter At Gorge Amphitheater, In Washington

8 Arrested For Drug Conspiracy Involving Fentanyl Sales

Parent's Guide To Fake Pills: DEA Laboratory Testing Reveals that 6 out of 10 Fentanyl-Laced Fake Prescription Pills Now Contain a Potentially Lethal Dose of Fentanyl

North Korea Fired 2 Short Range-Ballistic Missiles Towards The East Sea

NOAA: 120 Years of Earthquakes and Their Tsunamis: 1901-2020

US Deploys F-22 Raptors To Middle East In Response To "Unsafe" Behavior By Russia

Syrian State Media Reports Air Defenses Activated Around Damascus

US Foreign Military Sales To France, Kuwait, And The Netherlands

Biden Administration Announces Additional Security Assistance for Ukraine

China Carries Out Live-Fire Drills North Of Taiwan As US-led Exercises Commence In Western Pacific

Dutch Official: Training Ukrainian Pilots for F-16s Can Begin This Summer

Israel: Iran Knows If It Reaches 90% Uranium Purity It Will Result In Israeli Strike

Whistleblower Report Details Government Abuse, Misallocation of Resources, and Retaliation at the FBI

Judiciary Committee On Bank Of America Providing Information On American Citizens To FBI Without Legal Process

Countries Increase Nuclear Arsenals In 2023, With China Leading The Way

China Deepened Cooperation In "All Fields" at "All Levels" With Cuba In 2017

ISIS Targets Military Barracks In Iraq, Kills 2 Iraqi Officers, Wounds Others

Iran: West Cannot Stop Us If We Want To Become A Nuclear State

Air Quality In United States Continues To Improve After Smoke From Forest Fires Covered The Eastern US

Department of Defense: Small Bugs Pack a Pathogenic Punch

Current Air Quality Map For United States and Canada

Judiciary Committee: Testimony Reveals Senior FBI Official Expressed Concerns about Trump Raid

Unsealed Florida Court Indictment For Donald J. Trump

Department of Defense Announces Additional Security Assistance for Ukraine

Russia To Deploy Tactical Nuclear Weapons To Belarus In July After Readying Storage Facilities

DOD Addresses Breach In Dnipro River Dam In Ukraine, And Who May Have Been Responsible

Air Quality Index Shows Improvement Across Eastern United States

After Chinese Survey Ship Enters Japanese Territorial Waters, Taiwan Reports Chinese Aircraft Breaches Airspace

Russia: 2,700 Houses Flooded, 1,300 Evacuated Over Dam Collapse. Ukraine: Over 1560 Evacuated

Chinese And Russian Bombers Fly Together Over Waters Surrounding Japan

Israel: Will Set Lebanon Back To Stone Age If Hezbollah Starts A War

Cause and Manner of Death Determined for Keenan Darnell Anderson

Russia Reports Planned Flight Over Barents And Norwegian Seas, NATO Reports Scrambling Fighter Jets

Russia: 40 Baltic Fleet Vessels, 3,500 Military Personnel Deployed For Military Exercises In Kaliningrad

US Works With Britain On Project To Beam Solar Power From Space To Earth Using Lasers

US & UK Navies Respond To Distress Call From Merchant Ship Being Harassed By Iranian Fast-Attack Vessels

US Destroyer Transits Taiwan Strait, Chinese Vessel Executes "Unsafe Maritime Interaction"

US Defense Secretary: A Conflict In Taiwan Strait Would Be "Devastating"

AI Drone Kills Operator In Air Force Simulation To Override "No" Order Ending Its Mission - Amended As He Said He Mis-Spoke

Senate Reaches Debt Limit Agreement, Approves Funding

DOD Announces New Security Assistance Package for Ukraine

North Korea: No one can deny our sovereign right to launch a satellite. Calls South Exercises With US "Nuclear War Exercises"

US Officials: Chinese Citizens Pose As Tourists, Attempt To Access Alaskan Military Bases

Russia Laments Sale Of Alaska To United States, Plans To Build Base On Island Said To Be Ceded By US

Xi Jinping To Security Officials: We Must Prepare For Worst-Case And Extreme Scenarios

Biden Administration Announces Additional Security Assistance for Ukraine

Medvedev: Any British Officials Who "Facilitate" The War Is Considered A "Legitimate" Military Target

Iranian Hypersonic Missile Soon To be Unveiled, IRGC Commander Says

Fentanyl & Opioid Crisis: Over 100,000 Americans Died Of Drug Overdoses in 2022, China's Involvement Enriching Cartels.

North Korea Launches Missile After Announcing Plans To Launch Satellite, Missile Falls Into Yellow Sea

Sanctioning Chinese and Mexican Based Individuals and Entities for Enabling Illicit Drug Production

US Assistance To Ukraine Since Russian Invasion Began: Timeline

North Korea Notifies Japan Of Satellite Launch, South Korea "Strongly Warns" Against It

Ukraine: Russia Carried Out 97 Airstrikes In 24 Hours, 59 Iranian Shahed Strikes

Syria Claims Israel Targeted Damascus With Air Strikes

Russia Calls Poland "Hostile", Warns Of Intervention In Belarus In Event Of Coup

US Carries Out Airstrike In Somalia, Engages Insurgents, In Support Of Somalian Government

China's "Grey Zone" Confrontation And An Expected Coming Conflict In The Region

The Ukrainian military Starts Training on American M1 Abrams Tanks In Germany

Hezbollah To Israel: "We Are The Ones Threatening War"

Chat Function Turned Off

Kyiv Requests Long-Range Taurus Cruise Missiles From Germany Capable Of Hitting Moscow

The Standeford Journal Just Got Cheaper: Here's Why

33 Chinese Military Aircraft, 10 PLAN Vessels Spotted Around Taiwan May 27th, 2023

Officials: China May Still Have Access To US Computer Networks

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U.S. Coast Guard Post-Typhoon Mawar Update

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Neuralink: FDA Approval For Brain Implant Trials On Humans Approved

21 Chinese Military Aircraft, 11 PLAN Vessels Spotted Around Taiwan May 26th, 2023

Washington Calls Russian Deployment Of Tactical Nukes To Belarus "Irresponsible Behavior"

Ukrainian MOD: South Korea supplies artillery rounds to Ukraine through the United States

NASA Working With NGA To Implement Full GPS Capability On The Moon

China Places Territorial Buoys Around Spratly Islands After Philippine Coast Guard Placed Their Own

Department of Defense Identifies Air Force Casualty

Environmental analysis clears Sentinel missile infrastructure construction for takeoff

Belarusian President: Russian Tactical Nukes On On The Move To Belarus From Russia

British Army announces new artillery deal with Sweden

7 Chinese Military Aircraft, 7 PLAN Vessels Spotted Around Taiwan May 25th, 2023

Russian Separatist Commander Plans More Attacks On Russian Territory

Chinese "Web Shell" Malware From "Volt Typhoon" Hacker Group Detected In US Infrastructure In Guam And US

Russia Warns Washington About "Blessing" Ukraine To Carry Out "Air Attacks" On Crimea

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